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Candyland Strain Online

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More About Candyland Strain Online

If this happy strain evokes images of childhood board games, it’s no accident. It’s mostly sativa, a crossbreed of Granddaddy Purps and Platinum Cookies. Those genes make for an upbeat, stimulating high that spurs creativity and provides energy for daytime tasks. Euphoria is the prominent effect when smoking Candyland, with a strong mood boost and some relaxation. Candyland as a strong sweet flavor and smell, with an earthy, spicy undertone.

Its appearance is compact and camouflage-colored, with flecks of gold and shimmering trichomes. It’s an ideal strain for treating anxiety and depression, along with bipolar disorder, chronic pain, and ADHD. Dry mouth is a distinct possibility, as are dry eyes and dizziness, while paranoia is less likely. Best for daytime activities, Candyland is a sweet treat any time of day. It’s most popular on the West Coast, in Colorado, and in Michigan.

Lineage Of Candyland Strain Online

Bay Platinum Cookies x Grand Daddy Purple (GDP)

Effects Of Candyland Strain Online

Firstly, it’s described by some users as “godly beautiful”, Candyland is a true inside and outside beauty. This strain smells sweet and absolutely mouthwatering, and is one of the best pick-me-uppers you could possibly find on the market. It is a great choice if you are looking to gain a boost of energy on an otherwise lethargic day.

Secondly, Candyland makes you feel enlightened and happy, making you think of fun and pleasurable things to do and talk about, and is all-around a great way to perk up your mood. This hybrid is a wise choice as a wake and bake smoke, and will have you jumping up on your feet and into the shower to start your day in no time.

Fragrance Of Candyland Strain Online

Thirdly, Candyland is such a fun and colorful strain, and in aroma too. This strain is certain to instantly entice you as it smells richly like fresh pine cones, its herbal sweetness enveloping you and making you curious right away. This hybrid will remind you of a pungent and earthy aroma that will make your mouth water.

Flavors Of Candyland Strain Online

This hybrid has a flavor that is very sweet and earthy, and pleasant to boot. Candyland reeks of fresh berries and pine, and has a sticky and strong taste that will stick to your tongue, especially in the exhale. Its fruity and berry flavors will invite you for more, but be guarded, as this strain can be quite strong in THC levels.


Candyland is a known popular medical strain, and has grown in popularity among patients and doctors alike. It is very effective in the fight to manage chronic stress, allowing the patient to relax and feel less anxious, while enjoying a boost of energy and avoiding the feeling of tiredness, as one might get from prescription medication.

This hybrid is very successful at lifting moods, making it easy to fight depression and PTSD, and allowing the brain to unwind and think more positively.

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