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Buy Color extracts online

Buy Color extracts online.Colors extracts are one of the best California brands out at the moment, there are all lab tested, solvent free, Vitamin E free. They are premium refined live resin carts and all come in 1g cartridges.Buy Color cartridges

They come in packages of 25 each.

Colors carts verification

They have a scannable barcode on the where you scratch and scan on  to verify authenticity. Buy Color extracts online

Colors Extracts flavors

They have serval awesome flavors from indica based, sativa and hybrid strains with the perfect blends to give the best high.

they include; Sour diesel | OG Skywalker | Hawaiian Punch | Hulk Berry | Bubba Kush | Kandy Kush | Purple Punch | Blue Dream | YEEE OG | LA OG | Super Haze | GSC | Banana Kush | Blackberry kush | Zkittles | Cookie kush | Green Crack | Cherry berry | Gorilla Glue

A star-studded blueberry that hides a sweet shimmer beyond a sour edge. This flavor doesn’t hide under a bushel, but blossoms in a blue burst of sunshine, made brighter by a mist of pure cannabis distillate.

A grape in full bloom that’s opened wide, spattering sweetness and savoir faire. With a pure cannabis distillate infusion, this mauve melange of flavor and feelings is a taste affair that will pull you deep into a lucid dream

A sweet melon splash resonates with a bold bud, thumped with a pure cannabis distillate. Be prepared for a sticky situation that you’ll want to sink your senses into.

A summertime sensation packaged to please — strawberry sweetness meets a lemonade tang, both shining through a flower with the essence of cannabis distillate swimming inside

A smooth flow that soaks in a berry-filled splash, turning your world blue as flavor washes over you.


Banana kush, BlackBerry Kush, Blue Dream, Bubba Kush, Candy Kush, Cookies Kush, Cherry Berry, Gorilla Glue, Green Crack, GSC, Hawaiian Punch, Hulk Berry, LA OG, OG Skywalker, Purple Punch, Supper Haze, YEEEE OG, Zkittles


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