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 Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 22% – 25%

Firstly, Dubbed “The Don of All OGs,” this strain has quite a name to live up to.The Don is a result of crossing XXX OG and Alpha OG, and there is a kushy spiciness in its scent coupled with some subtle grape notes. Godfather OG is powerful; with THC levels that have been measured as high as 28%, this strain is an offer you can’t refuse. Godather OG won 1st Place for Best Indica at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles.

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Sadly Godfather OG strain has very few reviews considering its dominance over other strains with way more reviews.

If you haven’t tried it, then please don’t hesitate.

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Firstly, We have Godfather OG for sale in great quantity. If you want to place a huge order, get in touch because this website is designed to take orders in ounces and not pounds. That’s because sales in LBS is always negotiable.

Buy Godfather OG Strain Online

Buy Godfather OG strain online, Order Godfather OG strain Online, Order  marijuana online , Shop for Godfather OG strain online in the USA. When you want the best of the best to get mellow with, there’s nothing more reputable than Godfather OG. Extremely popular in Southern California, this strain won Best Indica at the 2013 High Times’ Cannabis Cup and continues to be well-loved today. There are several types of Godfather OG out there, with the most prominent resulting from a cross between Alpha OG and XXX OG. Other variations include crossing OG Kush with Grand Daddy Purple, and a three-way combination of Bubba KushLA Confidential, and Granddaddy Purple.

Secondly, Godfather OG isn’t for beginners, as this strain carries an extremely high THC content. Tested as high as 28%, most nugs found in your local dispensary will average around 25%. The smell is fantastic, with pungent pine and earth notes hitting your nose. It tastes very similar to its natural aroma, with hints of grape coming through to add a nice fruitiness.

Further, If you’ve never smoked this strain before, you’re in for a treat. Godfather OG offers one of the strongest highs out there, with extremely sedative properties.

Like any good hybrid, you’ll first experience a sense of cerebral euphoria that makes you feel happy and light.

While the various types of Godfather OG can vary, it’s a safe assumption that this strain is a pretty easy one to cultivate at home. Plants will thrive inside or outdoors, and after 8 to 9 weeks will produce dense colas. In most cases, you’ll end up with medium-sized plants that offer a good yield.

In addition, Use Godfather OG with caution if you’re a bit of a lightweight, as this strain will let you know who’s boss. Try it if you’re having an extremely stressful day or just want to unplug from the world for a few hours.Buy Godfather OG strain online at legal leafly , the best marijuana shop online in the USA.



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